Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An interview with DJ Tenzing

What is a DJ in your terms?
Well, to add-on an extra beat in any song using a turntable and make it a dance number without touching its melody on the spot means DJing. Along with it, to make the crowd flow with the beat and to make it enjoyable is one of the most important particular character of a DJ. However, in our context, CD changers are called DJs, which is totally a wrong concept.

How long have you been DJing and what was the encouraging factor?
17 years ago, I started my journey from Jolly Blues PubIt was just then the culture of parties and Disco started. At first, I took it as a hobby but later on when realizing that people really enjoy when they are on the dance floor I felt satisfied from the depth of my heart. In addition, to make some one happy means a lot for us as a human being. So this encouraged me to pursue my career as a DJ.

Where all have you performed so far and what do you think of the future of dj profession in Nepal?
As I said before, I started my journey in djing from jolly blues pub as a hobby and later carried on as a job. I’ve worked at Club Dynasty, X-Zone Disco, Studio 54, Rox Bar, Club Platinum, to name a few. Besides, I’ve also performed at many different parties and programs at the various central places of the country and have just completed my Europe tour as well. Talking about the dj profession in Nepal, I’d say that it has a good future. People have just started to understand the party culture. Since this business depends a great deal on one’s PR he should have a good PR backed up by the quality of his work. If these criteria are met there is no doubt that the dj profession will be long lasting.

What was your most memorable moment while you were 17 and when are you the most happiest while DJing? Moreover, what types of music do you personally prefer playing and what is the ongoing trend in Nepal?
There are many memorable moments till this date and there is one that I can never forget. Well, I don’t exactly remember the date but once when I was DJing at Nirvana Country club in Dharan, everyone on the dance floor, including me, had a blast. When you are DJing, you feel very satisfied and happy when people on the floor are grooving and enjoying to your music but it’s really annoying when people come to the turn table and ask you to play a music they want to hear! Even though I personally prefer to play Electro House, R&B, and Nepali songs, it mostly depends on the crowd to choose what kind of music to play. There is no any specification regarding the kind of music being played. Teenagers prefer R&B and hip-hop where as youngster like electro house whereas a little older people choose Hindi and Nepali remixes. So the music should be played by the soul and also depends on the crowd.

How is the environment in the discotheques of Nepal and does fights and disturbance cause any effect on the profession?
I don’t think that there is any discotheque that is fully facilitated as only a disco but we can see a noticeable increase in the crowd in the established ones but still we are hopeful from the party culture in Nepal. The turnouts are really good at parties outside the valley. As far as the fights are concerned, though the numbers offights are decreasing, our job is to stay at the turn table and create music. As this is the job of the management, we are not affected by it. In the past people used to get to parties either to approach girls or drink or just to show off but now people understand music and they visit for entertainment. I’d say that the environment in the discotheques is improving.

Though Its been 17 years that you’ve been DJing, DJ’s who join the profession much later came out with albums before you but you just released your first one! What is the reason for your delay?
In Nepal’s scenario, only those people come to the limelight that release an album or come in front of the media. I used to think that it’s not a compulsion for a DJ to release an album and that he is known for his work. But I was proved wrong. After my friends forced me to approach the media, I came out with this album.

What differences did you find after your album was released and what is the difference between live DJ’ing and doing an album?
The only difference is that before the album, only limited people knew me, except that I don’t see much difference. The difference between live DJing and album is - while performing live, the music played; mixing, concept etc are implemented by oneself but when doing an album, a whole lot of teamwork is involved. While working on an album you don’t have to play the music. Everything is being played by the computer. You just have to give your concept and timings to the arranger.

In your opinion, what are the most important things to develop DJ profession in Nepal? As you can see lots of new DJ’s are popping up. Do you have any special message for them?
The backbone of DJ is the Discotheque. In every major city of Nepal, more
Discotheques should be established. Another major thing would be the crowd. People visiting discos should be mentally prepared to enjoy the taste of music before they come out from their homes. Sometimes people drink and yell like a freak show. A person should not show such behavior. Moreover, the management team should be ready for such cases. Well, I shall only wish them luck and if they want to stand on the market, they should know and learn more about music.

What are your future plans?
Truly, there are no any particular plans. However, now I am busy with the promotions stuff, as my album is on the market. Soon I am going to work on the video of‘Jimkaideu Pareli’ by Reshma Sunuwar and Roj Moktan. Along with it, I am also trying to follow up on requests coming from outside the country. After the video, I intend to continue on the Nepal Tour from Nepalgunj that had been discontinued because of my European tour.
Thank you very much for your time. Any last words for you fans:
Well I do not want to stretch more but my last word is that my album has already been released. Therefore, I request my fans to pass on some comments. I thank all my fans for the love and support because of which I am here right now. In addition, I promise to work harder to make better music but I do not want the love to fly away. Thanks again!

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